First Challenge and Our Welcome to A Cuisine Adventure! Here is the List of February’s Challenge

On this blog, you’re a friend. And here, being friends means we have common interests. 

It’s safe to assume that one easy thing to have in common with most people is a love for food. That’s why we’re here really…to talk about our love for food while doing weekly “challenges” to try new things

Here is the list of the weekly food challenges for February:


  • Feb 1 – 7: Making a Chinese Dish
  • Feb 8 – 14: Incorporate Chocolate in a Meal
  • Feb 15 – 21: Try Cooking with Fennel
  • Feb 22 – 28: Whip Up a Packed-With-Vitamins Salad

Your goal is to cook one meal per week for the chosen challenge that week. Really, this is simple. And it’s a nice way to change things up in the kitchen. No one wants the food they serve to become boring and hear “sighs” when they tell their family what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Right?! 

This will be fun and could get quite interesting as we move forward with this. 

After you have made your dish, you can email us (click on the hyperlink below) or reply to the post for the monthly challenge to let us know you have a dish you want to add to the blog. 

The more responses, the better. 

Get planning!

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