Chocolate Barbecue Sauce

For the second challenge of February, I decided to make a Chocolate Barbecue Sauce recipe and pour it over meatloaf. You could put this on a variety of things, but I thought meatloaf would be quite simple.

 Meatloaf w Chocolate BBQ Sauce2

 Well, the meatloaf recipe I used wasn’t that great, so I was actually disappointed with that. The chocolate barbecue sauced made the meatloaf easy to eat. In fact, it was better the second day.

 On a scale of 1 to 5, I give this recipe a 2.5. I would make it again, but not that often. I won’t be making that meatloaf again though. So if you know of a great meatloaf recipe, please share it.


Here is the link for the chocolate barbecue sauce:  

I will make this again this summer and put it on chicken I think, just to try something different.


Overall, the recipe for the BBQ/Choco Sauce is good, just pick something tasty for it to go with; and don’t use a crappy meatloaf recipe like I did.

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